What should I pay attention to when importing and exporting hardware accessories? Import and export hardware accessories sea freight booking?


Hardware accessories refer to machine parts or components made of hardware, as well as some small hardware products. It can be used alone or as an assistive tool. For example, hardware tools, hardware components, daily hardware, building hardware, and security supplies. Most hardware products are not final consumer goods. But as supporting products, semi-finished products, and tools used in the production process for industrial manufacturing. Only a small portion of daily hardware products (accessories) are essential tool consumer goods for people's daily lives.
1、 Formalities required for import customs declaration of hardware accessories
1. Certificate of Origin.
2. Contract, invoice, packing list
3. Inspection and customs clearance form
4. Proxy Declaration and Inspection Authorization Letter
5. Import and export management rights
6. Product specific information
2、 Import tariff for hardware accessories
Product code 730890000
Trade name Other steel structures and components
Value added tax rate 13%
Most favored nation tax rate 4%
3、 Import customs declaration process for hardware accessories
1. The enterprise provides the following information: instrument name, customs code, image, weight, volume, specifications, brand, value packaging, functional use, power, voltage, design principle, etc;
2. Determine the overseas shipping method: sea freight, air freight, express delivery. It is generally recommended to choose air freight;
3. Determine the import port. If the instrument requires 3C certification, it is recommended to choose Hong Kong as the preferred port for import clearance;
4. For instruments that do not require 3C certification, it is recommended to choose ports with high import clearance efficiency. Port import efficiency can be manifested as: simple document review standards, whether to transfer goods for legal inspection, fast price review speed, how many products of the same type are imported at the port, and the ability to handle unexpected accidents;
5. The enterprise shall ship the goods to the selected port and begin inspection and customs declaration, providing the following information: packing list, contract, design principles, instructions, pictures, bill of lading, etc;
6. Review the order, pass the price review, release the goods after tax payment, and deliver them to the customer's factory.
4、 Common problems with importing hardware accessories
1. How long does the entire process of importing hardware accessories take, and how long does each step take?
2. Can I operate imported hardware accessories without import and export rights?
3. Can special invoices be issued for all aspects of imported hardware accessories?
4. How to calculate the cost of imported hardware accessories, and which fees will not be charged for the second time?
5. How to pick up the imported hardware accessories after they arrive at the port?
6. What are the commonly used methods for importing hardware accessories?
7. Do you enjoy tariff preferences



Market Prospect Analysis and Prediction Report on China's Precision Hardware Parts Industry

This report analyzes and studies the market demand of the precision hardware parts industry from the following perspectives:


Only those who understand art can play with art in hardware accessories

Hardware refers to metal accessories made of materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, etc., and cast through modern technology; Hardware to furniture is like a sword paired with a hero, and a hairpin to a lady. It is both a finishing touch and complements each other, bringing different light and shadow changes to the space on each side of the furniture.


Surface treatment of hardware parts

The surface treatment of hardware parts is another common post-processing process, which can be divided into: spray painting processing, electroplating technology, surface polishing processing, etc.